Here's How It Works

How do you feel when you look in your closet? Do you make a mess after you get dressed? Are you feeling overwhelmed and have no idea how to get organize? or How about donating and giving this away? If any of these things sound like you and you're looking for someone to organize your clutter then getting your closet organized is for you. 

Valencia will come visit and conduct an initial closet evaluation.  During the closet evaluation, she will determine your wardrobe as well as your closet to know how much clothing you actually own and what will be needed to best service you.  
Then she will return on the date and time agreed upon to organize your wardrobe for easy and smooth access to everything you own. In this phase, she will also advise on what to keep, sell, donate or simply throw away. Next, the organization and physical audit will be done. Your wardrobe will then be properly organized and sorted out for your everyday clothing needs.